. School Functions
Intelligence plus character - that is the true goal of education
- Martin Luther King Jr.

School Functions

Social Service
Cultural Activities & Events

1. **Annual Sports**: The Annual Sports event is a significant occasion where students showcase their athletic and sports abilities. It usually involves various track and field events, team sports, and competitions. This event promotes physical fitness, healthy competition, and teamwork among students.

2. **Annual Concert**: The Annual Concert is a platform for students to display their creative talents through music, dance, drama, and other performing arts. It allows students to express themselves artistically and build their confidence in front of an audience.

3. **Prefect''s Investiture Ceremony**: The Prefect''s Investiture Ceremony is a formal event where selected students are appointed as prefects or student leaders. This event emphasizes leadership, responsibility, and the importance of maintaining discipline and order within the school community.

4. **Prize Day**: Prize Day is a ceremony to recognize and honor students for their academic achievements, extracurricular accomplishments, and contributions to the school. It motivates students to excel in various areas of school life.

5. **Rabindra Jayanti**: Rabindra Jayanti celebrates the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore, a renowned Indian poet, philosopher, and cultural icon. This event showcases the rich cultural heritage of India and often involves cultural performances inspired by Tagore''s works.

6. **Indian Cultural Evening**: The Indian Cultural Evening is a celebration of the diverse cultural traditions of India. It includes performances, displays, and presentations that highlight different aspects of Indian culture, such as music, dance, cuisine, and attire.

7. **Independence Day**: Independence Day commemorates the day a country gained freedom from colonial rule. In the case of India, it marks the anniversary of India''s independence from British rule. The event often includes flag hoisting, patriotic songs, speeches, and other activities that instill a sense of national pride and unity.

8. **Teacher''s Day**: Teacher''s Day is dedicated to honoring and appreciating teachers for their invaluable contributions to students'' education and development. Students often organize special events, presentations, and activities to express their gratitude to their teachers.

9. **School Fete**: A School Fete is a funfair or carnival organized by the school community. It usually includes games, stalls, food, entertainment, and fundraising activities. The fete serves as a social gathering and can also raise funds for school projects.

10. **Children''s Day**: Children''s Day is a day to celebrate and recognize the rights, talents, and contributions of children. It is a time to emphasize the importance of nurturing and protecting the well-being of young individuals.

11. **Founder''s Day**: Founder''s Day celebrates the establishment and vision of the school''s founders. It''s an occasion to reflect on the school''s history, values, and achievements, often involving ceremonies, speeches, and activities that pay homage to the school''s origins.

These events contribute to the overall development of students, fostering a sense of community, cultural awareness, and personal growth beyond academic studies. They also help create cherished memories and instill important values in students'' lives.

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