. Social Service
Intelligence plus character - that is the true goal of education
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Social Service

Social Service
Social Service
A second school runs on the premises of St. Paul''s Mission School, at 34, Scott Lane (Church block). The students of this second school come from very unfortunate families who live in slums and cannot even afford two square meals a day. In an effort to bring a smile to the faces of these innocent children and also to fulfill their social responsibility, the students of St. Paul''''s Mission School sponsor a small daily meal for the children of the second school .

In this we are thankful to the parents for helping us make a change not only in the lives of these underprivileged children but also for being partners  in  our effort to make aware and sensitize our own children to those less fortunate than themselves. We believe that this act of charity will help them grow up as kind, thoughtful and responsible individuals who are willing to seek knowledge beyond the text books.

The school also organizes visits to  orphanages and old age homes during the season of Durga Puja and Christmas, to bring cheer to the lives of the neglected and uncared  for members of our society The students of classes  XI & XII visit several of these places with bags full of goodies and provisions. The purpose of the visit is to create awareness among the students n make them value the blessings they so take for granted.

Needless to mention, the students are inevitably overwhelmed to experience a different aspect of life.

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